The Benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

As climate change continues to take its devastating toll, the ability to control indoor climate has become a necessity in many areas of the world that previously thought of it as a luxury. Unfortunately, old-fashioned central air systems just aren’t cutting it when it comes to providing climate control solutions for large apartment buildings. Read on to find out about some better alternatives.

Disadvantages of Central Air Systems

While central air systems were touted as a game-changing solution when they were introduced to the market, many of these older systems simply don’t meet current tenants’ needs. They aren’t as energy efficient as their alternatives, they’re quite noisy, and they can even pose health and safety hazards if they are not properly maintained. Plus, they take up a lot of room in areas where space is at a premium.

A Better Alternative

While there are plenty of alternatives to central air, such as central cooled water systems and individual split systems, most of them aren’t much better than their bulky, inefficient predecessors. Fortunately, there is at least one better solution: variable refrigerant flow systems are swiftly growing in popularity across the Asia Pacific region and in parts of Europe thanks to their smaller space and increased efficiency. These systems are also far less noisy than central air and do not come with the health hazards associated with central cooled water systems.

Personal Systems

While it’s true that older buildings may not provide suitable conditions for installing entirely new VRF systems, most contractors beginning new projects are choosing to include these systems rather than their antiquated alternatives. That doesn’t mean that those living in older apartment buildings don’t have any choice when it comes to providing their families with indoor climate control, though. Small, personalized systems are available that combine the efficiency of a full-scale VRF system with the convenience of operating on a much smaller scale.

Learn More Today

If it is possible for building owners to upgrade their old, bulky, and inefficient HVAC systems, they should absolutely consider doing so. Their increased efficiency makes them better for building owners, their tenants, and the environment alike. Visit APFED to find more information about variable refrigerant flow systems today to get started.